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Tudor Home Addition

Tudor Home Addition

A contextually sensitive addition and renovation was carefully designed to fit the specific living patterns of the homeowners.

The owner of an unusual Tudor cottage in an attractive Louisville neighborhood, the client approached One World Architecture when seeking a renovation and addition. Although pleased with the overall character of the house, she had long been dissatisfied with the layout and small size of her kitchen. The need to replace a broken microwave oven – and consequently the integrated kitchen cabinets – led to a decision to completely rethink the kitchen area of the house, as well as the master bedroom directly above.

Highly visible from the street, it was also essential that the charming Tudor character of the home be preserved and that the addition look as if it was always an integral piece. OWA worked closely with the client to understand and address her specific needs in a robust design.

The new interior was intensely tailored to provide a large, open kitchen that adjoined a lounge area, a covered outdoor patio, and a small covered front porch. A dream bathroom, or “spa” was located above the kitchen adjacent to the master bedroom. Specific attention was given to the familial interactions of the Conways, their activities during and after mealtime carefully informing the design of these spaces to enhance their evening and weekend time together.

The exterior of the addition adapted the existing visual language of the house and extended it in a natural and integral fashion. This stylistic continuity unites new and existing in such a way that impressed neighbors often claim they cannot tell where the old and new portions start and stop, a testament to OWA’s attention to detail and mastery of architectural style.

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