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Central Pike Medical Offices

Central Pike Medical Offices

A retail center in Nashville reinterprets traditional design elements to create a formal yet inviting commercial environment.

Developing a retail center for medically focused tenants, Central Pike’s client wanted to create a calming ambiance with traditional colonial aesthetics and a garden-like exterior approach.

Rather than working in a standard southern colonial style, OWA selected certain colonial elements that would work with a modular retail system. Classical proportions were carefully maintained to give the center an authentic quality often absent from traditionally inspired contemporary architecture. The elevations were also designed for flexibility, featuring a modular system that allows for the interchange windows and doors with ease.

The design also drew inspiration from the formal pergolas and pavilions of Louisville’s Olmstead-designed Gardencourt Gardens to further lend to the center’s pleasant and welcoming air. Four “pavilion” towers punctuate the facade and complement a centrally placed garden trellis.

The attention to detail and craft apparent in Central Pike places it in a class above the standard commercial center design.

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